Scenario based Elicitation

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Scenario-based Requirements elicitation is a proven elicitation technique for eliciting, validating, and documenting requirement. A scenario is a use case sub-set that helps to bridge the gap between the user or stakeholder view and the functional view of the proposed system so that the proposed system will meet the requirements of its users or stakeholders. Scenarios illustrate system behaviour through sequence of actions. A scenario is often used to illustrate an interaction or the execution of a use case instance. Scenario analysis is a questioning technique related to a descriptive story in order to ascertain the requirements for the kind of things stakeholders want to be able to do with the system and how they envision the system in use. The problem statements of the system are mapped into a system specification and are represented as a set of use cases and actors. Business analysts work with the stakeholders to get a complete set of scenarios, which are documented in natural language using customer’s terminology. A complete set of scenarios should describe everything the system must do.

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