BA – The Change Agent

Business analyst role in change management is to get the new requirements from the client and analyze the requirements Business analyst understands the reason behind the change request, and why it is being implemented Business analyst determines the scope of change Business analyst also does the impact analysis to find what will happen if the  … Read more

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Scenario based Elicitation

Scenario-based Requirements elicitation is a proven elicitation technique for eliciting, validating, and documenting requirement. A scenario is a use case sub-set that helps to bridge the gap between the user or stakeholder view and the functional view of the proposed system so that the proposed system will meet the requirements of its users or stakeholders.  … Read more

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Business Analyst

Business Analyst is an IT specialist who determines the requirements and success of the project. Business Analyst writes the Business Case document by assessing the business need and the current situation, performing environmental analysis, Business and operational impact, Feasibility assessment and analysis and strategic alignment Business Analyst role is responsible for initiating the project by  … Read more

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Product Owner

A product owner in an agile methodology is a person who acts as liaison between users, stakeholders and the development team; he is like a business analyst. Product owner is like the driver of the ship who steers the team through tides and rough waters. A product owner takes requirements from clients and prepares user  … Read more

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Business System Analyst

A business system analyst is an analyst, who deals with requirements of information technology. A business system analyst must not be confused for a business analyst or a software programmer. He/she takes the requirements from client, validate, manage and model them using UML diagrams. He/she works towards providing a software solution for programmers.

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